Will Byles

Will Byles has been an actor, writer, animator and director in games, film, TV and theatre.

He began his career acting and directing at the famous Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich, but started working in the film industry as a model maker and stop frame animator, DOP and ultimately director for commercials in Soho until 1993, Directing commercials for McDonalds, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Dr Martens, BMI and Nestle 

In 1997 he joined Aardman Animation as a Creative Director and established their Computer Animation department He pushed the boundaries of facial animation by pioneering the use of Morph Targets earning him an place in CG history in the Encyclopaedia of Computer Science, 4th Edition.

He then set up his own successful film and animation studio in Bath, HarumScarum Films, directing commercials, pop promos and shorts where he began his own CGI and post production facility.

In 2004 he made the transition into games firstly as Art Director on the famous Battlefield franchise with EA and Dice; going on to become Executive Producer with EA Partners, working with developers like Valve, Starbreeze and Crytek. 

In 2010, he joined Supermassive Games as, Creative Director, writing and directing the BAFTA winning, ‘Until Dawn’ and multi award winning, ‘The Quarry”. His games have won numerous awards including 5 BAFTA nominations and winning the BAFTA for Best Original IP.

Will Byles is a voting member of BAFTA and sits on the Digital Media Lab External Advisory Board of Imperial College London.